RBR data logger for inspection class ROV at AWI

The Bentho-Pelagic Processes Section of the Alfred Wegener Institute has been operating an Inspection Class ROV for some time to explore the structure and dynamics of polar animal communities in their natural environment and in response to climate change. In order to extend the ROV’s capabilities, the project group was looking for an oceanographic data logger to record conductivity, pressure, temperature, pH, ambient light, oxygen saturation, fluorescence and turbidity. While the focus was on the required high accuracy of the sensors, AWI was also severely restricted in their search by the little available space on the vehicle and the maximum allowed extra weight caused by a logger.

The choice fell on a RBRmaestro³ data logger, which fulfilled all above requirements and which was delivered to AWI in December. With a total length of 587<nbsp;>mm and a diameter of only 125<nbsp;>mm (excluding the clamp-mounted, cabled sensors), it was possible to additionally accommodate the data logger on the ROV without any significant side effects to other installed components.

We are happy that we could provide the project group at the Alfred Wegener Institute with a suitable data logger for their vehicle and hope to have advanced their work with it. We are looking forward to the final integration of the logger into the ROV and the data of the first dives with the vehicle.

© Michael Hüne

Nautilus wishes all partners a Merry Christmas

The past year has been a real challenge to most of us and we all hope that the situation will improve in the upcoming weeks and months.

Nevertheless or rather because of this the team of Nautilus Marine Service wishes all customers, subsuppliers and partners a safe and peaceful Merry Christmas and a good start into the new year. We look forward to continue providing service, support and consulting for all kinds of maritime challenges that may arise in 2021.

Stay safe,

The Nautilus Team

Nautilus Marine Service and Laser Diagnostics Instruments enter cooperation

Nautilus Marine Service is pleased to announce the cooperation with the Estonian company Laser Diagnostics Instruments. Nautilus will be responsible for the distribution of LDI’s Remote Optical Watchers (ROWSs) in German speaking Europe with immediate effect. With the ROWs, which allow the monitoring of the water surface via laser with regard to oil deposits in the micrometer range, Nautilus Marine Service complements its already extensive product range with high quality sensors for the water surface.

The ROWs work remotely and permit an oil pollutant recognition from up to 10m independently of the time of day and weather conditions. Due to the non-contact measurement, the devices are free of biofouling or other contamination and thus require very little maintenance. The laser data is passed on to the software ROW Manager, which then triggers an alarm when a user-defined threshold value is exceeded, e.g. by sending automated e-mails to the monitoring personnel.

The ROWs are available in different versions to accommodate various operating conditions. In addition to an aluminum and a stainless steel version, an ATEX/IECEx certified ROW for use in explosive areas is also available.

Nautilus Marine Service is looking forward to the future cooperation with LDI. If you have any questions about the products, please contact us.

Nautilus Marine Service celebrates its 35th birthday

Nautilus Marine Service, the German manufacturer of VITROVEX® high quality glass floatation and instrument housings, celebrated its 35th anniversary in October 2020.

Founded in 1985, the company offers the ultimate in quality and reliability with glass products of different shapes and sizes for underwater applications to full ocean depth.

Nautilus Marine Service’s first Vitrovex products were glass floatation and instrument spheres rated to 6.700m in the early 1990s followed by the introduction of 9.000m and then 12.000m spheres a short while later. The company’s growth has been at a steady, controlled pace, with regular annual expansion of the product line. It now rightly claims its place as the world leader in deep sea pressure housings made from glass.

Additionally, Nautilus Marine Service represents the interests of some of the world’s leading manufacturers of marine technologies via sales and advisory activities for their product lines within the German market. The portfolio covers data loggers, oceanographic sensors, a range of buoys for various applications as well as marine safety equipment, such as survival suits and pneumatic line throwers.

“The wide range and variability of the products in combination with our services make Nautilus Marine Service exceptional and unique. My thanks go to all my colleagues who made this result possible with their commitment to continuously strive for the highest quality and reliability of products, services and work processes. Despite the present adverse circumstances, we are thrilled to celebrate this milestone in the history of Nautilus Marine Service”, said managing director Steffen Pausch in a simple ceremony amongst the representatives and employees.

“The growth that the company has experienced over the past 35 years is quite remarkable and today we are proud to offer solutions to a significant portfolio of professional, globally based clients within the ocean research/exploration and maritime sectors in more than 35 countries.”

Nautilus Marines Service staying safe!

Article on Waverider Cat4 antenna with integrated temperature sensor

Datawell, the manufacturer of the Waverider buoys has published an extensive article about the performance of the recently released CAT4 antenna with integrated temparature sensor. The article has been published in the March/April edition of International Ocean Systems and may be downloaded here. The article focusses on the challenges of temperature measurements at sea in general, the solution that Datawell introduced not long ago and an evaluation of this new measurement concept.

Del Mar Oceanographic and Nautilus Marine Service sign cooperation agreement

Nautilus Marine Service has signed a cooperation agreement with Del Mar Oceanographic to jointly promote and sell the Wirewalker™ vertical profiling system. The Wirewalker offers the possibility of a vertical, mechanically wave-driven data acquisition of physical, biological and/or chemical characteristics of the water column. A power supply is only necessary for user-defined sensors, but not for profiling. Due to this power-saving concept, data acquisition of the water column can be carried out either stationary or drifting autonomously over a longer period of time. The profiler can be equipped with a variety of different sensors and offers optionally a real-time telemetry solution.

In combination with the particularly power-saving RBR data loggers Nautilus Marine Services now also offers a complete and extreme low-power solution for autonomous oceanographic vertical profiling.

Multibeam Surveys of Pier Walls with a Sonic 2024

Port authority bremenports GmbH & Co.KG is responsible for the hydrographic survey of the water depths in both Bremen and Bremerhaven, ensuring easy and safe navigation in the port areas. Whereas the determination of the minimum depth is relevant for the harbor master, the pilots and the maintenance dredging teams, the maximum depth is important for the ports’ maintenance department in order to identify local tidal scours and to ensure the stability of the terminals. Equipped with the multibeam Sonic 2024, bremenports’ new survey vessel Seeadler is able to survey both the water depth and the quay walls.

Thorsten Döscher, chief hydrographer at bremenports has composed a valuable article dealing with the challenges and opportunities of pier wall surveys in Bremen and Bremerhaven. The article was orginally published in the Hydrografische Nachrichten 113 (German) and is available here as individual PDF.

RBR extends current Pay It Forward program

The RBR Pay It Forward campaign enables customers to donate good quality RBR and Sea-bird (SBE) loggers to non-profit and charitable organizations and renew their inventory of new RBR Generation³ products. Your contribution to the Pay It Forward program helps provide reliable scientific instruments to a breadth of important community projects while offering you a discount to bring new RBR products into your equipment pool to improve your research capabilities and reduce your purchase and support costs.

The Details

  • Customers can donate working legacy RBR and SBE loggers to approved non-profit and charitable organizations in exchange for a discount on new RBR equipment of similar product family. Example organizations include school science programs, youth STEM programs, and small non-profit environmental organizations.
  • The donation relationship is between the original customer and the recipient. RBR and SBE do not provide any warranty nor support for the older generation equipment.
  • The Pay It Forward campaign is applicable for the following product families:
    • RBR
      • XR
      • 2050
      • 1050
      • 1060
    • Sea-Bird
      • SBE-16 SeaCAT
      • SBE 19 SeaCAT profiler
      • SBE 26 Seagauge wave & tide logger (discontinued)
      • SBE 37 MicroCAT
      • SBE 39 Temperature & depth logger
      • SBE 54 Tsunami pressure sensor logger (discontinued)
      • SBE 56 Temperature logger
  • Customers are eligible for an additional 20% discount on equivalent product(s) to the donated product(s).
  • Customers will provide RBR with the name of recipient organization for approval.
  • To qualify for the Pay It Forward discount, the equipment must be donated and the new equipment purchased by December 31, 2020.

Discounts also apply for sales through Nautilus Marine Service GmbH. Please contact us for further information.

RBR starting Webinar Series

Sarting April 1st, RBR will be hosting a series of Webinars regarding various aspects of RBR’s sensors and logger deployments.

Webinars will be hosted each Wednesday at 18:00 CEST. Currently 10 webinars are planned. For information and schedules of the webinars please refer to https://rbr-global.com/about-rbr/webinars. Webinars will be hosted via Zoom. The link to the Zoom webinar will be available after adding a webinar to your calendar through one of the calendar icons below the respective Webinar summary.

RBR Logger temporarily on offer

To help our customers get ahead of the Summer rush, we are offering an extra 10% discount for all orders of RBR data loggers, sensors and assessories that close between now and March 3o, 2020. In addition, we are offering free WiFi upgrades on applicable loggers during this same period of time.

If you are currently considering the purchase of oceanographic data loggers now would be a good time to realise this.

Our sales team would be pleased to answer any of your questions.