Datawell Waverider news

Datawell, the producer of the reknowned waverider buoys offer a few interesting inventions for their buoys.

The newly developed Compact Air Temperature (CAT4) option integrates the HF antenna, flashlight and an air temperature sensor. Power switch are now standard on all Waverider buoys. The new 5.2.0 relase of the well-proven Waves4 has been released. There is a new GPS based light detection system for all Waverider buoys. There are also new safety lines, harder rubber chords and rubber cords with swivel on both ends available. Extensive information are available in this Datawell Newsletter.

Merry Christmas 2019

The team of Nautilus Marine Service wishes all customers, subsuppliers and partners a peaceful and merry Christmas time.

You look forward to continue working with all of you in 2019

Instrumenting a Hydrothermal Vent with RBR Loggers

In July 2018, a team of researchers and engineers from Rutgers University and the University of Washington Applied Physics Laboratory deployed the Cabled Observatory Vent Imaging Sonar (COVIS) to the NSF-funded Ocean Observatories Initiative Cabled Array.

Selecting a site for COVIS and calibrating the sound backscatter response to heat content after installation required high-frequency measurements of the hot water being expelled from diffuse venting sites around the ASHES hydrothermal vent field. To make these measurements, the COVIS team built temperature arrays using RBRsolo³ T and RBRduet³ T.D standalone loggers.


OCEANS 2018 in Charleston

In cooperation with DBV TECHNOLOGY Nautilus Marine Service will be present on the OCEANS Conference and Exposition. The conference will be held from October 22nd to 25th in Charleston, South Carolina.

DBV Technology, LLC designs, builds and tests oceanographic instruments for commercial, academic and military customers. Nautilus Marine Service will present their deep sea pressure housings, made of VITROVEX glass. The pressure housings are available as floatation, instrument or application housings. Nautilus advises customers in the design phase of the glass housings and produces glass housings tailored to the customer’s need.

Nautilus Marine Service and DBV TECHNOLOGY will be available for contact at booth 511.

1.07.2014 Inkrafttreten von ETSO Zulassungsanforderungen an Überlebensanzüge für den Helikoptertransport

Entsprechend der Verordnung (EU) Nr.965/2012 (in Ergänzung zur Verordnung (EG) Nr. 216/2008) gelten ab dem 5. Oktober 2012 neue Vorschriften zum gewerblichen Flugbetrieb für Flugzeuge und Hubschrauber(*). (PDF)

Einen Vergleich zwischen den neuen Regularien und korrespondierenden Regeln gemäß EU-OPS und TGL 44 sowie JAR-OPS 3 (amendment 5), Section 1& 2 finden Sie hier:

Unterstützung der QPS Software QINSy, Qimera und Fledermaus durch Nautilus Marine Service

Mit Wirkung vom 1.April 2018 vertreibt Nautilus Marine Service die hydrografische Software des niederländischen Herstellers QPS. Mit seinen Produkten QINSy, Qimera und Fledermaus bietet QPS seit vielen Jahren eine vollständige hydrografische Softwarelösung, die von der Projektvorbereitung über Datenaufnahme – und kontrolle, Kalibrierung und Auswertung bis hin zum Datenexport reicht.

Mit QPS Software erfahrene Mitarbeiter bieten eine umfangreiche Beratung im Vorfeld einer Beschaffung, Software Schulungen und Support bei Fragestellungen im laufenden Betrieb.

New hyperbaric pressure testing system at Nautilus Marine Service

As of January 2018, Nautilus Marine Service GmbH operates a hyperbaric testing chamber with capability that extends to full ocean depth and beyond (1.300bar/18.850psi).

In order to further secure the company’s leading market position and continue to meet the high demands for the quality of VITROVEX enclosures, Nautilus Marine Service is horizontally integrating and expanding their in-house capabilities by being able to verify and test all of their products and components to the highest standards possible.

The pressure chamber is primary designed to meet the challenging demands for conducting tests on VITROVEX® glass enclosures and related products, and has been optimised in terms of speed, accuracy and robustness over traditional pressure test facilities.

The pressure test chamber is available to outside clients also to carry out contracted pressure testing, which would support the region’s different manufacturing disciplines and industries in increased testing capabilities where deep water tests and simulations are necessary.

  • Pressure test to 1.300bar (18.850 psi)
  • Inner dimensions: d = 700mm, l = 1400mm
  • Computer-controlled with diagnosis and quality control
  • Fast test execution thru innovative lid design
  • Programmable pressure gradient and cycles sequences
  • High degree of control accuracy with 0.5 bar
  • Video monitoring and recording
  • Basket to accommodate enclosures with assorted sizes
  • Certificate after test
  • Electrical penetrations to the test object(s)
  • Remote supervision and access