Nautilus Marine Service and Laser Diagnostics Instruments enter cooperation

Nautilus Marine Service is pleased to announce the cooperation with the Estonian company Laser Diagnostics Instruments. Nautilus will be responsible for the distribution of LDI’s Remote Optical Watchers (ROWSs) in German speaking Europe with immediate effect. With the ROWs, which allow the monitoring of the water surface via laser with regard to oil deposits in the micrometer range, Nautilus Marine Service complements its already extensive product range with high quality sensors for the water surface.

The ROWs work remotely and permit an oil pollutant recognition from up to 10m independently of the time of day and weather conditions. Due to the non-contact measurement, the devices are free of biofouling or other contamination and thus require very little maintenance. The laser data is passed on to the software ROW Manager, which then triggers an alarm when a user-defined threshold value is exceeded, e.g. by sending automated e-mails to the monitoring personnel.

The ROWs are available in different versions to accommodate various operating conditions. In addition to an aluminum and a stainless steel version, an ATEX/IECEx certified ROW for use in explosive areas is also available.

Nautilus Marine Service is looking forward to the future cooperation with LDI. If you have any questions about the products, please contact us.

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