VITROVEX pressure housings used in Deep Argo Float program

The Deep Argo program is an expansion of the Argo program which was introduced almost 17 years ago and which has changed the knowledge about the upper part of the oceans. The Deep Argo program now focusses on deeper areas of the oceans not yet surveyed with the standard Argo program

To expand ocean observations in a key area of the western South Atlantic Ocean, Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Paul G. Allen and NOAA’s Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory in the first public-private partnership deploy a large array of new deep ocean floats.

Unlike existing Argo floats, and thanks to the depth ratings of the VITROVEX® glass housing these new floats can now reach depths of up to 6000m, considerably expanding the usual range of classic ARGO floats of up to 2000m.

NOAA opted for the western South Atlantic, as it is part of the global ocean conveyer belt which interacts with the global climate. The Deep Argo Floats will help to develop a better understanding of the impact of deep ocean waters on weather, climate and the rise of the sea level.

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