Nautilus Marine Service offers buoyancy and instrument housings in various shapes (spherical, cylindrical, and capsule-like) and in a wide range of outer diameters from approximately 2" to 20". Depending on wall thickness and diameter, they can withstand pressures of up to 1200 bar. Additionally, these glass housings can be integrated with metal (e.g., titanium) or plastic components to meet the diverse needs of primarily scientific customers. 

Examples of this include alternative sealing techniques, flanges for separating and connecting hemispheres, or protective devices against mechanical impacts. There is often a need to integrate third-party items such as cable glands, bushings, transponders, and many others. Nautilus Marine Service has developed the appropriate interfaces and procedures for this and supports their implementation. 

Application Housings

    Underwater photography or any other application that uses or requires light or electricity. 

Instrument Housings

  • Our housings for your instruments.

Flotation Housings

  • Our buoyancy housings ensure you never sink.

Alles über Vitrovex

  • Everything you need to know about our Vitrovex products.