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We passionately engage with our products in the exploration of the oceans to promote a more comprehensive understanding of their mysteries. Through innovative technologies and scientific expertise, we strive to unveil the depths of the seas and make a positive contribution to the protection of the marine environment. Dive in with us as we commit to a sustainable future for the oceans.

Years of company history

Dedicated employees
Countrys that trust us
Combined goal

Founded as a trading company for maritime safety equipment in Bremen


General importer for survival suits and line-throwing devices from Helly Hansen and Restech Norway


First-time manufacturing of pressure housings from glass (VITROVEX) for the deep sea


Market launch of 17" glass housings for depths over 12,000m


Opening of a manufacturing facility in Jena for glass pressure housings


Deployment of several mooring systems for a tsunami early warning system in Indonesia


Equipping DGzRS search and rescue vessels with line-throwing devices


Use of VITROVEX housings during the James Cameron DEEPSEA CHALLENGE expedition


Compas International Award in the USA

VITROVEX is present in more than 30 countries.


Commissioning of a high-volume pressure testing facility for 1,300 bar.

Acquisition of a property with office and manufacturing facilities in Buxtehude.


Opening of a service station for rescue suits and life jackets from Hansen Protection, as well as rescue suits from Ursuit.


Process digitalization and energy-efficient manufacturing


Equipping the German Navy with line-throwing devices


Service partner for life jackets from Kadematic


The choice of our company name was deliberate, not random, taking into account the various references associated with the term NAUTILUS.

The Nautilus

Nautilus pompilius, a sea creature from the pearl boat family. With the help of an adjustable gas content in its chambered shell, this nautilus can change the buoyancy in the water and thus - analogous to our VITROVEX glass housings - rise or sink. A principle that is still used today in many underwater vehicles.  

Zusätzlich besitzt die Kalkschale mit ihrer logarithmischen Spiralkurve und den gewundenen Kontouren eine natürliche Schönheit, die wir mit unseren VITROVEX Glasgehäusen nachzubilden versuchen.

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

 Nautilus is also the name of a fictional submarine in the 1870 novel "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea" by Jules Verne. Developed by the mysterious Captain Nemo, this submarine was ahead of its time with its electric propulsion and advanced equipment for conducting marine biological research.

An idea that aligns with our vision of offering our customers the most modern and innovative products to solve their challenges.

The three submarines

Lastly, there are the three groundbreaking submarines named NAUTILUS: The first was built by Robert Fulton in 1800 as one of the earliest designs of underwater vessels. The second was constructed in 1886 for the British Royal Navy, among the first submarines with electric propulsion and batteries. The third was developed by the United States Navy in 1954 as the world's first nuclear-powered submarine. 

They all symbolize our commitment to pressure housings and their technical challenges, to the depths of the oceans and their scientific exploration. 

What we act upon, what we strive for

We act...

  • in accordance with the best interests of our customers.
  • sustainably and for long-term profitability.
  • in accordance and for the benefit of our society.
  • optimistically, with joy in our work, and with a positive outlook towards the future.

We strive...

  • We strive for a holistic approach without losing sight of the details.
  • to learn from mistakes and to grow stronger from failures.
  • to be open to criticism of our own work.
  • We strive for the highest quality and reliability of our products, services, and processes.