RBR Sensoren

RBR coda³

Whether for borehole monitoring or ROV, stream gauging or harbour water levels – these instruments are trivial to install and operate. The units are completely sealed and are available rated up to 10,000dbar. Attach a 6 pin MCIL-6-FS connector with serial and power connectors and the data will stream. Serial baud and sampling rates are user-configurable.

RBR's designs lead the industry in accuracy, stability, and power consumption. For other parameters, RBR source sensors from around the industry and integrate them tightly onto their loggers, including deep understanding of ranging behaviour, settling time, and dynamic effects.

Internal calibration coefficients and a full data processing system result in streaming engineering unit data.

Serial baud and sampling rates are user-configurable.


  • Externe Stromversorgung: 6-18V, ~3mA
  • Kommunikation: RS-232
  • Daten: Abfrage oder autonomes Streaming
  • Baud Rate: 1200 bis 115k
  • Anschluß: MCBH-6MP

Electrische Daten / Gewicht (Luft / Wasser)

RBRcoda3T | deep 305mm ~295gr / ~176gr
RBRcoda3D | deep 275mm ~315gr / ~196gr
RBRcoda3T.D | deep 335mm ~350gr / ~216gr