MPS-100 is your power supply for a variety of hydrographic surveys where high flexibility and a portable power solution is required. The combination of rechargeable battery and solar panel in a durable hard case provides enough power to run a Sonic 2020 multibeam echo sounder, its external sensors and a laptop for 8 hours.

The waterproof case has two 230 V AC sockets for the Sonic 2020 and the laptop.

Two 12 V output sockets are available for GNSS receiver and sound velocity probe. The battery case will remain closed during operation leaving its contents splash-proof. For battery charging, however, the case must be opened.

The solar panel can be connected to a third 12 Volt input socket. The solar charger integrated in the case is supplied with energy from the solar panel and then stores it in the batteries. Utilizing the latest and fastest technology, the solar charger maximizes this energy and intelligently directs it to recharge the batteries quickly.

Features: Battery status indicator on the top of the case and via Bluetooth. Control of the solar charger via Bluetooth, Maintenance-free and fast-charging battery: Can be fully charged in one to three hours. Protected against total discharge. The MPS-100 is also available without batteries to accommodate for easier air freight handling. The batteries may be acquired and installed by the customer at a later stage.