Nautilus Marine Service GmbH

Nautilus Marine Service GmbH is a German company that was founded in 1985 to represent the interests of some of the world's leading manufacturers of marine technologies by sales and advisory activities for their product lines. Moreover the company rapidly developed into a leading supplier of marine safety and rescue gear to the research, survey and monitoring markets in Germany.

Nautilus Marine Service has gained international reputation by its VITROVEX®deep sea glass housings along with associated services and accessories. Nautilus Marine Service provides high quality glass floatation and instrument housings in different shapes, sizes and pressure ratings up to full ocean depth.

Nautilus Marine Service is a fully-owned subsidiary of the German company LINNHOFF Schiffahrt GmbH & Co. KG with the company’s headquarter in Buxtehude (Germany) South of Hamburg. For VITROVEX® glass production another facility exists in Jena (Germany).

Beside selling new products for the below mentioned business units, one of Nautilus Marine Service’s key success factors is assistance in selection, support of site installations, commissioning, service and training of these products.

  • VITROVEX® high quality glass floatation and instrument housings
  • Submersible data loggers, recorders, and sensors for water quality measurement
  • Wave measurement and drifter buoys, floats, profilers, weather stations  
  • Beacons and Flashers (Iridium)
  • Certified Immersion and Anti Exposure suits (SOLAS/ETSO) and pneumatic line throwing devices (PLT),
  • Components for marine installations such as connectors, swivels, cables etc.

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